Santa Fe Energy Efficient HERS Rated Homes

Here at Borrego Construction, we pride ourselves on our build quality and continually strive to improve our design and construction methods.

Most recently, we’ve chose to make the switch from our standard rubber-membrane roofs to a new spray foam EnduraPlus™ Roofing System which provides a durable, weather-resistant solution for lightweight roof construction. This seamless spray-in-place rigid Polyurethane Foam (SPF) plus an integrated protective layer of elastomeric coating improves your roof’s overall structural integrity and strength. Not only will this roof last a lot longer than the standard membrane roof, it also provides more insulation and energy savings!

In our latest HERS-NM Home Energy Rating,  provided with every new Borrego home, the changes in roof design have added an extra 10 points in our R-Value insulation score, which resulted in a much lower overall HERS Energy Rating.